Monkey business

Back to the million dollar proposal, let’s have you lean back, take a big gulp of the air or liquid that is nearest you, and we will attempt to pry off that giant allegorical monkey from your shoulders.  Feel free to continue quaffing your beverage and inhaling that stale pungent zoo smell air that’s emanating from behind you, while I delve into my cockamamie primate analogy.


There are many types of monkeys (primates).  There are old monkeys and new ones.  There are big ones like orangutans and tiny ones like bush babies, or as I like to call them “Mogwais“. Others, like gorillas, could potentially be dangerous to your health or to your children (ahem…Harambe).  Stealthy urbanized monkeys are known to steal from humans. In this analogy, think of the monkeys as personal habits.  Habits too, come in all shapes and sizes; some have more impact than others on our lives.  The unrecognized financial and health consequences caused by them are the subject I’ll attempt to zoom in and focus upon.