Mission Statement

Improving health and subsequently wealth.

I am an Emergency medicine physician that works in a busy emergency department that sees every imaginable type of medical condition and injury.  Each shift I slog my way through the front lines of our health care system; trying to save the severely injured and sick and at the same time treat the walking wounded that have no where else to turn.

Sometimes the ‘wounded’ have been afflicted for months, or years, even decades.  Often patients directly contribute to their poor health and fail to recognize this or choose to ignore this fact.  One of the most obvious examples is cigarette smoking.  I have a spiel I give to young patients who smoke, how tobacco affects in a negative way every part of his or her body:  Their hair, teeth/gums, heart, lungs, blood vessels, skin, immune system and the propensity for and ability to fight off infections, etc.   I follow this up with, imagine the money you’d save if you didn’t buy a pack of cigarettes every day; I realize the idea of saving is foreign to many; and likely falls on deaf ears when I bring it up in the ER.  Mainly because the patient is sick, has been waiting for hours, just wants medicine to feel better, and isn’t in the mood for a financial lecture from a stranger.

I’m not trying to single out tobacco users, this is just one example of many self inflicted habits we have created that affect our health in a negative way.  My goal is to create a platform to accurately depict the cost of a ‘bad habit’ on us as individuals but also on the system as a whole.

The other half or purpose to this website is to improve the financial health and future of those same patients, friends and to whom ever else is reading this.  My lofty goal is to help as many individuals as possible change bad health habits into good savings and investing habits.

No one is perfect, especially myself, which is why I am actively participating in this experiment.  I’m always open to suggestions, please feel free to send them.  Please don’t think of me or this website as moralistic.  I am not against you are the things you spend your hard earned money on.  Enjoy your life!  May it be long, healthy, financially secure, and exceptional!